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This guide is intended to provide anyone who is interested in VCDs with reliable information on the quality and content of any vcd they may be thinking of trading.

Ce guide a pour but d'aider les personnes intéressées par les VCDs. En effet, vous trouverez sur le site le contenu et les informations sur la qualité des vcds existants. 


14.11.2002 New Vcds and Covers: U2's Beautiful Day (Slane Castle 01.09.2001)
05.11.2002 New Covers: Until The End Of Popmart (Johannesbourg 1998)
17.10.2002 Vcd Conspiracy Of Hope (Miscellaneous): covers and description
16.10.2002 New Covers: Strasbourg 93
16.10.2002 New Vcds: Oakland 92, Tacoma 92, Paris Manray, Saint Louis 2001
15.10.2002 New Covers: Vincennes 1987, Beyond The Tour Volume 2, Miami 02.12.2001

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